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Pet Transport and Pet Shipping Services Across the Country, Overseas & Worldwide by Air.
Our ground pet transportation services are limited to California, Nevada, & Arizona only.

Pet Shipping, Pet Transport & Animal Transport Services

Pet Transport, Dog Shipping, Cat Shipping & Pet Travel is our specialty. We here at Animal Transporters specialize in shipping your pets safely, comfortably and affordably nearly anywhere on the planet! including overseas to the UK, Hawaii, Italy, Germany, Canada, Europe, Australia and more. We also offer ground transport for all of Los Angeles, California, Nevada & Arizona. All of our pet transportation, pet relocation and pet shipping services are provided with the utmost care and fairest of prices. Our staff is fully trained, compassionate and of course, true animal lovers.

In 2000, Animal Transporters was established by animal enthusiast, Susan George and has been caringly transporting pets ever since. Whether it is domestic or international pet transport, pet shipping, pet relocation or air pet transportation - no pet transfer is too large or too small. Safety is our number one concern and we are fully insured for the best in stress-free, low cost pet transportation for all your dog, cat and pet travel needs.

By submitting our simple online Pet Shipping / Pet Travel Transfer Form/Quote Request, you will provide us with all the necessary information to meet your individual pet relocation and dog pet shipping needs.

We offer a wide range of animal transportation and shipping services for your pet's relocation including:

  • Worldwide Pet Transport Services & Pet Shipping - Ground or air pet transport for local, national and international pet transportation needs. With Pet Transport to the UK, Hawaii, Italy, Canada, Spain, Australia, Canada New Zealand and Germany.
  • Safe Domestic Pet Shipping - Whether it is a cat, dog, puppy, kitten, bird, hamster, turtle, Guinea pig or your pet mouse!
  • Local Pet Transportation / Pet Taxi Service - We offer 24-hour ground and air pet transportation service covering the greater Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara areas, to and from your home, veterinarian, kennel or groomer, and we make daily runs at Los Angeles and San Diego Airports. We transport your dog, cat and other pets to and from Arizona & Nevada including Pet Air Transport to and From LAS, TUS, and PHX.
  • Pet Emergency Service - We have vehicles that are equipped with pet stretchers, oxygen and cages for emergency transport only. Contact Animal Transporters for emergency calls requiring an immediate response without prior reservation. Our staff is happy to come into your home and carry your pet out, either by stretcher or in their arms. Also, any call from the street where an animal requires immediate attention can also be accommodated with our pet emergency service available in Southern California.
  • Pet Kenneling & Boarding - Your pets are always transported in approved airline kennels (carriers) based on pet size requirements. Comfortable pet boarding services available for the greater Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara areas.
  • Assurance Of Proper Pet Handling - As a certified USDA Handler (No. 93-H0108) we comply with strict guidelines to assure that your loving pets are handled properly, with care during any pet shipping service.
  • Discounts Offered - Discounts for multiple pets, senior citizens and military pet relocation.
  • Free Pet Shipping Costs & Estimates - It's simple. Fill out our no obligation Pet Shipping / Transfer Form/Quote Request and we can meet all of your pet relocation and pet shipping and transportation needs.
  • Attention To Every Detail - We make certain your pet transportation is completely stress-free for you and your pet! Your pet's comfort and safety are our number one concern.
  • Lots Of Attention - All pets in our care get lots of attention and are given time for food, exercise and bathroom breaks.
Let our experience work for you - contact Animal Transporters for your next pet transportation or relocation. We encourage you to email us with any questions you may have regarding any aspect of our services and how we may better meet your individual pet shipping needs.

We specialize in stress-free pet transportation services! Seeking the professional pet relocation service of Animal Transporters will assure you peace of mind when transporting your pets on the ground or in the air.

Our Local Pet Taxi Services and Pet Emergency Services are available for the greater Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara areas. International Pet Travel Services includes Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Hawaii and the UK.

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Read What Our Clients Have To Say!

Susie, it was delightful working with you. I truly appreciated your calm, easy-going manner, great customer service, calls keeping me updated on how Vades was doing the two nights she was with you, and finally to let me know when our "four-legged baby" had left on her big trip.

Again, thank you both! D.C.

Yes you certainly are there for us, and I cannot tell you HOW VERY VERY HAPPY I am that we've found you!! Or should I say you found us ............ and sent me that treasured little care package. I've got some more work comin' up for ya, and I refer you when I can as well. Thank you for doing such a good job for us ....... next time I'm in L.A., dinner's on me OK? OH! The Margaritas too....... :)

Thanks lady ......... you're the best!
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