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Most pet owners treat their pets like another member of the family..... These pet owners come from the school of thought that a pet is not just a pet... he or she is a beloved member of the family, an integral part of the home and a loyal best friend.

If the time comes to relocate, having a general knowledge of how the process works and answers to common questions will help ease concerns about the pet's upcoming move, and can facilitate a smooth transition from the transport counselor to the pet transport company.

How does the pet shipping process work?
Pet transport companies boast the ability to serve the entire world. The practice itself is fairly straightforward: pets are typically picked up at the transferee's residence, checked in at the departure airport, then cleared through customs upon arrival and delivered to their owner's new residence. Pet transportation specialists are also usually responsible for selecting special flight arrangements, carefully reviewing the import and export documents, and counseling the transferee on the specific details of their pet's move.

Some pet shipping services arrange their door-to-door moves by opening offices in big cities or franchising their businesses in various parts of the world. But most of the time, a pet is not always traveling to and from the main ports of entry--sometimes it is necessary to facilitate customs clearances or deliveries in smaller cities and countries. Most reputable pet transportation companies are members of a group called the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). The association regulates and monitors the pet transportation industry by setting ethics standards and overseeing the performance of their members. As part of their membership, pet shipping companies are given access to a network of pet transportation professionals globally who have guaranteed reputations for the services they provide.

Due to IPATA's exacting standards for membership, affiliates are able to safely coordinate this specialized service for the most precious of cargo. As a way of bridging the gap often found in an international industry, IPATA also offers an annual conference where the members gather to meet and exchange ideas, attend classes on country import requirements and species-specific handling techniques, and attend forums where reps from major airlines come to answer questions in a round-table format. International requirements vary from country to country, so working with a quality pet transport or shipping company who is also up to date on the current import requirements is crucial.

These intricacies can often affect the overall cost and many people tend to underestimate the rates surrounding a complete door-to-door transportation for their pet. The cost of the pet move is made up by the ground transportation to and from the airports, the documentation and import fees, and the air freight charges for the pets. When pets travel as cargo, the airlines generally charge for the dimensional weight of the travel crate, which means that the cost of a one-way international flight for a pet traveling overseas can often cost the same amount as a first-class, round trip ticket for his or her owner.

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